PDC Home Tour Week Three

PDC Home Tour Week Three

Peter Fryers Home Tour

As we know, all PDC Tour Card holders were offered the chance to alleviate the boredom and compete in the first and hopefully only ever PDC Home Tour. It pitted four different players against each other every night over webcam footage streamed out through bet365 TV.

For a £1 bet, viewers get to watch four guys throwing for points in a round-robin format and a final table, the winner of which will move into the following round.

There were three big names missing, however, as new dad Michael van Gerwen did not take part. Neither did Gary Anderson or Daryl Gurney who, despite their sizeable bank balances, both have too poor an internet connection to maintain a stream.

Of the 32 groups, 13 have been played so far. On night 1, Peter Wright, sporting NHS tribute skull paint, was eliminated when he lost 1-5 to group winner Jamie Lewis. Gerwyn ‘The Iceman’ Price followed Snakebite out of the competition the very next night when Luke Woodhouse topped the group.

Dave Chisnall made it safely through on Night 3, and Jelle Klaasen, Jonny Clayton, Nathan Aspinall and Max Hopp, who benefitted from a hastily revised three-player league after Keegan Brown’s internet connection dropped, all join the St Helens chucker in round two.

PDC Home Tour Darts Results & Tables So Far

Group 1: Friday, April 17

  • Peter Wright 5-4 Peter Jacques
  • Jamie Lewis 3-5 Niels Zonneveld
  • Peter Jacques 5-2 Niels Zonneveld
  • Peter Wright 1-5 Jamie Lewis
  • Jamie Lewis 5-4 Peter Jacques
  • Niels Zonneveld 1-5 Peter Wright

Qualified: Jamie Lewis

Group 2: Saturday, April 18

  • Gerwyn Price 5-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
  • Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Ted Evetts
  • Rowby-John Rodriguez 3-5 Ted Evetts
  • Gerwyn Price 0-5 Luke Woodhouse
  • Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
  • Ted Evetts 2-5 Gerwyn Price

Qualified: Luke Woodhouse

Group 3: Sunday, April 19

  • Dave Chisnall 5-2 Scott Waites
  • Jan Dekker 4-5 Jonathan Worsley
  • Scott Waites 5-1 Jonathan Worsley
  • Dave Chisnall 5-0 Jan Dekker
  • Jan Dekker 1-5 Scott Waites
  • Jonathan Worsley 1-5 Dave Chisnall

Qualified: Dave Chisnall

Group 4: Monday, April 20

  • Ross Smith 5-1 Lisa Ashton
  • Mickey Mansell 4-5 Geert Nentjes
  • Lisa Ashton 3-5 Geert Nentjes
  • Ross Smith 3-5 Mickey Mansell
  • Mickey Mansell 3-5 Lisa Ashton
  • Geert Nentjes 5-3 Ross Smith

Qualified: Geert Nentjes

Group 5: Tuesday, April 21

  • Luke Humphries 3-5 Nick Kenny
  • Devon Petersen 1-5 Joe Murnan
  • Nick Kenny 5-2 Joe Murnan
  • Luke Humphries 5-4 Devon Petersen
  • Devon Petersen 3-5 Nick Kenny
  • Joe Murnan 3-5 Luke Humphries

Qualified: Nick Kenny

Group 6: Wednesday, April 22

  • James Wade 5-2 Adrian Gray
  • Ryan Searle 5-1 Andy Boulton
  • Adrian Gray 2-5 Andy Boulton
  • James Wade 3-5 Ryan Searle
  • Ryan Searle 5-2 Adrian Gray
  • Andy Boulton 5-0 James Wade

Qualified: Ryan Searle

Group 7: Thursday, April 23

  • Gabriel Clemens 5-3 Ryan Meikle
  • Jelle Klaasen 5-2 Gavin Carlin
  • Ryan Meikle 5-1 Gavin Carlin
  • Gabriel Clemens 3-5 Jelle Klaasen
  • Jelle Klaasen 4-5 Ryan Meikle
  • Gavin Carlin 5-4 Gabriel Clemens

Qualified: Jelle Klaasen

Group 8: Friday, April 24

  • Jonny Clayton 5-2 Adam Hunt
  • Richard North 2-5 David Pallett
  • Adam Hunt 5-3 David Pallett
  • Jonny Clayton 5-3 Richard North
  • Richard North 5-1 Adam Hunt
  • David Pallett 2-5 Jonny Clayton

Qualified: Jonny Clayton

Group 9: Saturday, April 25

  • Michael Smith 3-5 Martijn Kleermaker
  • Harry Ward 3-5 Matt Clark
  • Martijn Kleermaker 3-5 Matt Clark
  • Michael Smith 5-3 Harry Ward
  • Harry Ward 2-5 Martijn Kleermaker
  • Matt Clark 3-5 Michael Smith

Qualified: Martijn Kleermaker

Group 10: Sunday, April 26

  • Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Steve Brown
  • Ryan Joyce 5-2 Simon Stevenson
  • Steve Brown 5-1 Simon Stevenson
  • Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Ryan Joyce
  • Ryan Joyce 3-5 Steve Brown
  • Simon Stevenson 1-5 Nathan Aspinall

Qualified: Nathan Aspinall

Group 11: Monday, April 27

  • Simon Whitlock 3-5 Mike van Duivenbode
  • Kirk Shepherd 5-1 Alan Tabern
  • Mike van Duivenbode 2-5 Alan Tabern
  • Simon Whitlock 5-4 Kirk Shepherd
  • Kirk Shepherd 4-5 Mike van Duivenbode
  • Alan Tabern 5-4 Simon Whitlock

Qualified: Alan Tabern

Group 12: Tuesday, April 28

  • Max Hopp 3-5 Mike De Decker
  • Keegan Brown 3-5 Conan Whitehead*
  • Mike De Decker 2-5 Conan Whitehead
  • Conan Whitehead 3-5 Max Hopp
  • Max Hopp 5-3 Mike De Decker
  • Conan Whitehead 2-5 Max Hopp
  • Mike De Decker 5-1 Conan Whitehead

Qualified: Max Hopp

Group 13: Wednesday, April 29

  • Steve Beaton 5-1 Callan Rydz
  • Matthew Edgar 0-5 Carl Wilkinson
  • Callan Rydz 3-5 Carl Wilkinson
  • Steve Beaton 1-5 Matthew Edgar
  • Matthew Edgar 2-5 Callan Rydz
  • Carl Wilkinson 5-2 Steve Beaton

Qualified: Carl Wilkinson

Upcoming Fixtures

Group 14: Thursday, April 30

  • Chris Dobey v Ciaran Teehan
  • Ron Meulenkamp v Kai Fan Leung
  • Ciaran Teehan v Kai Fan Leung
  • Chris Dobey v Ron Meulenjamp
  • Ron Meulenkamp v Ciaran Teehan
  • Kai Fan Leung v Chris Dobey

Group 15: Friday, May 1

  • Darren Webster v Bradley Brooks
  • Scott Baker v Andy Hamilton
  • Bradley Brooks v Andy Hamilton
  • Darren Webster v Scott Baker
  • Scott Baker v Bradley Brooks
  • Andy Hamilton v Darren Webster

Group 16: Saturday, May 2

  • Ricky Evans v Martin Atkins
  • Christian Bunse v Jeff Smith
  • Martin Atkins v Jeff Smith
  • Ricky Evans v Christian Bunse
  • Christian Bunse v Martin Atkins
  • Jeff Smith v Ricky Evans


Venue: Everywhere

Dates: .04.2020

Format: Best of 9

Where To Watch: bet365

When To Watch: (1930 GMT)

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Bet365 Casino Mission Master Is Awarding £7,000 In Prizes Until April 26th

Bet365 Casino Mission Master Is Awarding £7,000 In Prizes Until April 26th

Bet365 Casino Missions For April 20-26

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PDC Home Tour Brings Us 32 Consecutive Nights Of Darts

PDC Home Tour Brings Us 32 Consecutive Nights Of Darts

PDC Home Tour 2020

The PDC Home Tour launches on Friday, April 17, allowing darts the opportunity to be able to watch PDC stars across 32 consecutive nights of live-action. As the name suggests, the players including Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price – who presumably won’t get booed this time – will be playing in their homes and streaming their efforts to fans worldwide via live video calls.

How it will work

Every Tour Card Holder was given the opportunity to compete in a nightly league format in which four players compete each night. All players will play each other once in a best of nine legs match to find an overall nightly winner. Once the league phase has been concluded group winners will progress to the second phase.

16 players will compete across the first four nights of PDC Home Tour and these are Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright, Jamie Lewis, Niels Zonneveld, Peter Jacques who go on night one.

Night Two will see Gerwyn ‘The Iceman’ Price, Luke Woodhouse, Ted Evetts, Rowby John Rodriguez. Dave ‘Chizzy’ Chisnall, Scott Waites, Jan Dekker and Jonathan Worsley all feature on night three, while Ross Smith, Mickey Mansell, Geert Nentjes and Lisa Ashton will all throw on night four.

Over the next month, Nathan Aspinall, Michael Smith, Gary Anderson and Rob Cross have all also accepted their invitations to participate in the fun. The action gets underway each night at 1930 BST and bet365 will be streaming every match across the event, worldwide.

Alongside Match Winner and Outright Winner, bet365 will also be offering Outright Group Winner Correct Leg Score, Alternative Handicap, Highest Checkout and lots more markets.

PDC Home Tour Week One Fixtures With bet365 Betting Odds

Nights One to Four

Group One – Friday, April 17

  • (1/7) Peter Wright v Peter Jacques (9/2)
  • (5/6) Jamie Lewis v Niels Zonneveld (5/6)
  • (5/6) Peter Jacques v Niels Zonneveld (5/6)
  • (1/7) Peter Wright v Jamie Lewis (9/2)
  • (5/6) Jamie Lewis v Peter Jacques (5/6)
  • (9/2) Niels Zonneveld v Peter Wright (1/7)

Group Two – Saturday, April 18

  • (1/6) Gerwyn Price v Rowby-John Rodriguez (4/1)
  • (8/13) Luke Woodhouse v Ted Evetts (6/5)
  • (5/6) Rowby-John Rodriguez v Ted Evetts (5/6)
  • (1/4) Gerwyn Price v Luke Woodhouse (11/4)
  • (8/13) Luke Woodhouse v Rowby-John Rodriguez (6/5)
  • (4/1) Ted Evetts v Gerwyn Price (1/6)

Group Three – Sunday, April 19

  • (4/11) Dave Chisnall v Scott Waites (2/1)
  • (8/13) Jan Dekker v Jonathan Worsley (6/5)
  • (8/15) Scott Waites v Jonathan Worsley (11/8)
  • (2/7) Dave Chisnall v Jan Dekker (5/2)
  • (11/10) Jan Dekker v Scott Waites (4/6)
  • (10/3) Jonathan Worsley v Dave Chisnall (1/5)

Group Four – Monday, April 20

  • (3/10) Ross Smith v Lisa Ashton (12/5)
  • (5/6) Mickey Mansell v Geert Nentjes (5/6)
  • (11/8) Lisa Ashton v Geert Nentjes (8/15)
  • (1/2) Ross Smith v Mickey Mansell (6/4)
  • (8/15) Mickey Mansell v Lisa Ashton (11/8)
  • (11/8) Geert Nentjes v Ross Smith (8/15)

PDC Home Tour Week One Group Betting Odds

Group A Outright Win

  • Peter Wright (4/9)
  • Jamie Lewis (6/1)
  • Peter Jacques (6/1)
  • Niels Zonneveld (6/1)

Group B Outright Win

  • Gerwyn Price (4/7)
  • Luke Woodhouse (4/1)
  • Rowby-John Rodriguez (6/1)
  • Ted Evetts (6/1)

Group Three Outright Win

  • Dave Chisnall (8/11)
  • Scott Waites (16/5)
  • Jan Dekker (9/2)
  • Jonathan Worsley (7/1)

Group Four Outright Win

  • Ross Smith (7/5)
  • Mickey Mansell (13/5)
  • Geert Nentjes (13/5)
  • Lisa Ashton (11/2)


Venue: Just about everywhere

Dates: 17.04.2020 – 12.05.2020

Format: Best of 9

Current Champion: N/A

Where To Watch: bet365 Live Stream

When To Watch: (1930 GMT)

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